Shelve Your Overwhelm at the Volume of Required Content Creation

When you look at the amount of content required – on a daily basis – for your online business, it can be overwhelming, especially if you think you have to do it all by yourself.

What often happens is newbies get skimpy. They slap up the minimum amount of content required. This fails to help you build trust and relationships with others – you need content – with personality – and a lot of it.

You’ll need content for all aspects of your online business – info products, blog posts, social networking posts, email autoresponders, opt-in reports, bonus reports, product reviews, sales copy and much more.

But, there are ways to lighten the load if you’re willing to use them. They’re the methods that the gurus use and they work if you do it right. You’ll be able to lighten the overwhelming amount of content necessary to grow your online business and get the most from your time, effort and money.

Plan your content meticulously. Without a content plan, you’ll be frustrated and won’t get the most out of your time devoted to the content. Your plan should include an outline of all of the content you’ll need for a certain time period, what you want to include in the content and a deadline for getting it out there.

Don’t rush the plan. Take your time and make sure it’s right. It’s better to do one thought provoking blog post each week than to slap up seven posts that are light on personality, details or value.

Writing and editing is something some marketers hate about this part of their online businesses and they outsource it to more qualified writers. Even though you plan to outsource, you should still know some writing and editing basics so that you’ll know if you’re getting what you need (and your money’s worth) from the writers.

It’s good to have a working relationship with a writer that you trust and who knows your style and is familiar with what you require. Look for someone whose portfolio or talent enables them to speak “for” you online with minimal tweaking.

Outsourcing will certainly lighten the overwhelming amount of content needed for your business. There are freelance writers who specialize in writing online content. Just make sure you don’t go for the cheapest writer or you’ll end up putting more time into it than if you did it yourself. Choose one who is recommended and who has some experience.

The great go-to resource for online entrepreneurs
is private label rights content and you can find PLR on just about any subject. They’re remarkably inexpensive and can be purchased in bundles. You can then change the writing to reflect your own subject matter or ideas – and put your name on it to use online.

Before you hand your content assignments over to someone else, make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the subject and are very clear about what you want. You may want to offer websites or other writings for research and inspiration.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the amount of content needed for your businessjust be creative and find different ways and means to get what you want for the least amount of effort. 

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Skills to Learn for Success

Being an entrepreneur is something that a lot of people dream of becoming.
It’s a great dream to have and there are so many avenues open to the person who’s willing to put in the effort to make the business succeed.

Part of succeeding means being honest about areas that you feel you lack in, such as advertising, writing, social media, etc. To be good at what you do means that you have to engage in continuing education.

It’s important that you do this because in the world of entrepreneurial pursuits, not growing in knowledge can kill your business. Strategies change and so do business models and you have to be able to keep up.

This is something that can be good for you as you discover things that can take your business to a new level. Not only will being part of continuing education in your business prevent boredom from setting in, but you can also find things that will feed your motivation and keep you excited about the business.

Are Your Writing Skills Adequate for Content Creation?

When you’re creating written content for your business, you want to let who you are shine through in your voice. Your life’s experiences are what makes you unique.

It’s what helps your audience to be able to connect with you.
Your writing should be as unique as you are. It should be something that’s 100% you. If you take writing from other people and plagiarize that as your own, you risk a couple of things happening.

First, it’s not going to be fresh if you’re copying content from someone else. Second, plagiarizing is morally despicable and can hurt your business. Once people learn that you’ve plagiarized something, your reputation is ruined online.

People don’t want copycat information. Plus, if you do it, your actions can subject you to fines and other penalties because it’s against the law. With the passing of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the works that people write and put online are protected.

When you write, you need to write material that’s engaging. When you write in such a way that your audience can connect with you, it’s easier to develop a business relationship with these people.

They will invest their time and money in someone that they feel they know over someone that they don’t. When you write in an engaging way, you’ll be writing things that others find interesting and they’ll keep returning to your site to see what else you have to say.

Many marketers have built huge careers simply because they knew how to engage an audience with their words. Whatever you write needs to be well-written.

You need to know how to formulate your thoughts and come across in a logical manner. If you write in a way that’s confusing and unorganized, your audience will label it as rambling material.

Your spelling and grammar should be good and what you write should be free of typos. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s a given. But if you’re constantly churning out writing that’s full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes, it will make you look unprofessional.

At the same time that you need to be sure your writing is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, you don’t want to write in such a pompous way that you come across as talking down to your audience.

Write in a tone that reads like you’re sitting across from the person having a cup of coffee and conversation. Your material should also be up to date. If you’re always writing about things that are a few beats behind the information that’s fresh, people will turn to your competitors to get what they want.

Coming up with content yourself might not be a talent that you naturally possess. However, it can be learned. Take the time to assess your writing skills. You can analyze your shortcomings with writing content by being honest with yourself.

If you find writing a chore and you hate it, you’re not really going to want to give it your best effort because you just want to get it over with. If you know you struggle with grammar and spelling, you can either take some refresher courses, adult education courses, or you can outsource to someone else – even an editor for simple proofreading!

Does Your Social Networking Need Improving?

Social networking opened up the world for entrepreneurs.
You can reach out online and have access to people thousands of miles away, in different countries and different time zones.

It’s made doing business faster and easier. Plus, it’s a great tool for building relationships. Like any tool, though, you have to know how to use it well in order for it to perform for you.

There are too many people who come across as uninteresting, too business focuses or too standoffish and an audience doesn’t feel a connection to those people.

These are the entrepreneurs who languish in relative obscurity while their competition builds thousands of followers. You have the ability to make social networking a powerful tool if you use it right.

When you’re online, don’t retreat into yourself.
Don’t clam up and let self-doubt have a field day with you. This is what happens when that internal thought track tells you that you’re not interesting and that people don’t want to hear what you have to say.

Don’t sign up for social media and then stay behind the scenes.
That defeats the purpose of having the accounts to begin with. Once you sign up with various social media sites, start to engage with people.

That’s how you build your audience, your mailing list and basically your business. Let people feel as if they know you, as if they have a peek inside your life.
Share both personal and business stuff on social media.

Personal doesn't mean that you air your dirty laundry.
Don’t get on there and talk about your uncle getting drunk every holiday and dancing on the table. It’s okay to share things like photos of pretty flowers that you took or a picture of your dog.

You can start conversations about foods that you like, about a movie you recently saw or a book that you read. Some social networking sites are better than others depending on what your niche is.

For example, Pinterest is a good platform for someone in the wedding or fitness niche. You can post pictures of weddings and wedding accessories. Or you can post workout gear, before and after shots, or pictures of workouts.

Facebook is good for niches that use videos or tutorials and you can create a group dedicated to that particular niche - such as pets. You can share information about dog products, how-to train videos etc.

Google+ has a lot of tech people, a lot of professionals. It’s not used by the baby boomer crowd as much. So this would be a good social media site for niches that are into information products.

When you post on social media, pay attention to which ones get the most interaction. If you post a video and then a picture, if one got more interaction and more views, then you know what the audience prefers.

The timing of your posts is important too.
Don’t push any sales or information when there’s a national crisis going on. You’ll look insensitive. Likewise, you can use stats to tell you when your audience is most active on the site.

Bring Your Advertising Efforts Into a New Day

Advertising is something that never stays the same. All you have to do is look at the advertisements from 20 years ago to see that focus changes, attitudes have changed and people have changed.

What was cutting edge and worked then won’t work now.
If your advertising methods are more than six months old, it’s likely that they’re out of date. You can’t use old, outdated advertising strategies - not if you want to bring in today’s audiences.

Even though it’s a powerhouse social media site, there are still many entrepreneurs who don’t take advantage of using Facebook for their business advertising.

That’s a huge mistake because currently, there are over a billion people on Facebook. You can’t afford to overlook those kind of numbers. Advertising on Facebook is fast, easy and gets your business in front of a huge audience.

Make sure you know what the purpose of having the ad is for. For example, let’s say you want to gain new subscribers. Then define your objective by using the ads tool.

You’ll be given choices like promoting your business page, boosting posts or having ads that will lead the audience to your site. In the ad manager, you’ll be able to custom pick your audience according to where they live, their age level, what their shopping interests are, and so on.

You’ll also be able to set a budget based on how much you can afford to spend. You can also use retargeting. This is an ad method that uses cookies that are placed on websites.

Many times people visit a site and don’t stick around.
What these cookies do is they track the visitor’s Internet visits. When this visitor heads to a different site, your retargeting service can follow the cookie trail.

Then your ads will appear in front of these visitors at another time on a different site. Retargeting works to land potential buyers because your ad appears again and they remember your site and their original interest.

They head back to your site and buy this time, giving you a boost in your ROI. With ads, you’ll want to analyze them. By monitoring them, you can measure what you’re spending on the campaign versus what you’re gaining in new customers or revenue.

Follow the information on your ad tool dashboard in Facebook to tweak your ads. You may find that you need to change location or gender or other things that can improve how your ad performs.

Get Brave and Start Video Marketing and Live Streaming

If you want to grow your business and increase sales, then you need to be part of the video marketing world. Video marketing helps you connect with people and build an audience right on your own blog.

Videos are popular because of the depth of the connection that’s available. With certain ads (and even text) on your site, you can’t grab an audience with storytelling the way a video can.

Videos are more personable. Your audience can see you or visualize what you’re talking about if you’re showing how to do something. Because we live in a visual world, people tend to relate to videos over just reading something.

You can have a lot of success with video marketing because you can make them personal and fill them with tips or advice that can help your audience. Not just that, but your videos will have additional value over just a “buy me” sales pitch that the audience reads.

They get to see that there’s a real person behind the product or the information. They’re able to put a face with the name or with the brand. What this does is remove that wall of anonymity even though they won’t know in depth personal information about you.

With videos, you become a storyteller and you can literally captivate an audience and in some cases, create a viral marketing tool. When you use videos, they help convert the tire kickers into solid buyers more so than if they just read the sales copy.

Live streaming is an excellent way to market because you get to interact with the audience and there are several platforms you can use to do this with. One of them is Blab.

On this platform, your audience can join you once they’re accepted and you’ll be able to see what they want to ask you. It gives you and the audience the ability to have a conversation in real time that goes below the surface.

It builds trust and enables you to discuss ideas, offer solutions and it’s great for getting feedback from your audience. Periscope is a live streaming app that lets you broadcast in front of an audience.

You can build a tribe, meet your audience and build a business by increasing sales. You’ll get greater exposure for your business with each broadcast. It gives you real time access to customers almost as if you’re having a face to face meeting with them.

This allows your audience to feel as if you’re authentic - and that in turn builds trust. People can use Meerkat with their mobile devices connected to social media to connect with their audiences.

With live streaming, what you’re seeing is what your audience sees.
They can comment as they watch and you can reply back.
It’s an instant connection and interaction.

Plus, the Meerkat platform lets you share the video and then it alerts the audience with a link. You can immediately have a thousand people watching your video.

Convert Better By Improving Your Sales Copy

You need sales copy in order to have sales of your product. But not all copy has the potential to convert. Sometimes there can be something missing that causes your audience to move on without ever making the purchase.

If you notice that people are landing on your page but they’re not buying, that’s a good sign that they need a little more convincing because your copy isn’t compelling enough.

You need to analyze how people are responding to your page.
If you have a high bounce rate, it’s time to make some changes. While you certainly don’t want to copy your competition, if they’re successful, then you do want to check them out to see what it is that they’re doing right.

It could be that they’re doing something with their sales copy that you’re not doing. Or maybe they’re not doing something that you are. Either one of those could be something that you can tweak and see if you get better results that way.

Locate some of the competitors in your niche and go over their site carefully. Make notes of how they persuade an audience. Check out their ratio of sales push to advice.

How personable are they? What topics are they talking about? How often are they talking about new things?
Study how much or how little detail they give about their product or information.

Could it be that you’re giving away too much? Or not giving away enough information to hook a person’s interest? What is your competition’s sales to personable ratio of information on their site?

How fresh is their site content? Once you’ve compared your copy to a competitor that you know is successful, you can make some changes on your own. One way to do that is to use split testing.

With split testing, you create two copies of something like your sales letter. Copy A would have one headline while copy B would have a different headline. Then you would send your sales letter to your email list so that half your list gets copy A and the other half gets copy B.

Then you can see which headline was more effective. You can figure that out just by looking at your data. You can check your colors, formatting, and even font this way to see how it impacts the buyer’s final decision.

You can use split testing to send traffic to two separate landing pages and then you can see which one performs better. You can use video on one page and plain text on another.

To keep from getting overwhelmed by all of the possible changes you can make, only implement one change at a time. You can also make a hybrid sales page - using both video and text on your copy to attract your audience.

If you want to test this, you can use video in split testing and send half your list video and the other half text. Then compare those results to a hybrid mix, where you combine different media formats on the page, to appeal to more potential buyers. 
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Quit Seeking a Support System For Your Business

Are you someone who almost can’t do a thing with your business without running to another marketer to clear it first? This isn’t elementary school – you’re a grown entrepreneur, and you have to take full responsibility for your trials and errors – but you also get to claim your successes.

You have to eventually know that there’s no one out there who will support you like 'you'. When you became a solo entrepreneur, you chose the life of taking responsibility for your own success or failure.

While it’s okay to ask for help when you need it (especially when it comes to technological issues), you also have to seek help and knowledge on your own so you’ll learn how to discover solutions when no one’s available.

You don’t want to be known as 'one of those newbies' who emails everyone about basic issues that are already discussed online for free. This happens routinely, and it’s not fair to the marketer whose time you’re wasting, when a simple Google search for a “how to” video would show you clearly what steps are involved for your trouble shooting issue.

Learning about and solving problems is the best way to create knowledge that will stay with you forever. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a supportive mentor or a go-to person that you seek advice from, but all of the advice and coddling in the world isn’t going to help you unless you help yourself.

Are you the personality type that quits and runs at the first sign of trouble?
Or, perhaps you give up when you’ve gone through everyone on your go-to list for help. Panic sets in and you think you’re never going to figure out a problem or make it to the next level in your business.

This is the time when you need to stop.
Walk away from the problem for awhile and do something else. Many times our brains become overloaded with information and statistics and need to be rebooted to catch the signal again.

Rather than criticizing and letting negative self-talk convince you that you’re dumb or inept because you can’t solve a problem, try boosting your self-esteem. There are several good ways to do that, including reading about people you admire.

It can be someone in history or someone in your family or group of friends.
What do they do when they have a problem to solve?
Chances are, they took action – by gathering knowledge they needed to find a solution or starting all over.

Validate yourself. Think of all of the positive things you’ve done in the past to garner admiration from others. You’ll likely find that many people admire you and look to you for their own support.

Ask yourself what you need. What do you need at this moment to help you find a solution to your problem? It may be that your body needs energy or your brain needs a rest. Give yourself what you need to complete goals and realize ultimate success.

Most of all – realize that you’re not perfect.
You’ll make mistakes and you’ll seek help from others.
Just don’t forget that the buck stops with you and only you can fulfill the dreams and goals you envision for your future.


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Start Looking Forward to Failures


Have you been so terrified of failing, that you feel it’s preventing you from moving forward – or even getting started with your online efforts?
For scientists and medical researchers, failure can be a good thing.

It means another vital experiment has been eliminated and they can move on to the next.
Sometimes, it’s just a numbers game – you have to have a certain amount of failed experiments before you arrive at the one that’s going to make a difference.

It’s safe to say that everyone who has become a great success have a few failures under their belts.
The difference between them and those who aren’t successful is that the successful learned from their failures – and the others simply accepted failure and gave up.

What doesn’t work is in the past – and what does work can propel you on to future success. You may have never thought of looking at failure as a good thing, but when you fail, it means you’re working hard on your business endeavors and tweaking your system so that it will eventually run like a well-oiled machine.

And what worked for one entrepreneur may not work for another.
Find your niche and develop it rather than being a copycat to others. When you give yourself permission to succeed – you also give yourself permission to fail.

As you try new things and ideas, not all of them will come to fruition, but now you know what works and what doesn’t. It’s the only way to know for sure. And the more you try and fail, the more likely it is that you’ll hit the jackpot along the way and that one of your ideas and endeavors will take off.

Many top entrepreneurs agree that if you succeed in everything you try, then you’re failing in the big picture because you’re not taking enough risks.
The very nature of an entrepreneur means that risks need to be taken.

Many are sure to fall by the wayside – as you can see in the pop up businesses in Silicon Valley. There are huge successes there – but, look closely and you’ll see many dreams failed and abandoned.

Those who stuck with it rose beyond the failures and are the big successes you hear about. One thing that’s imperative to remember about failure is that there are two types: Honorable and Incompetent.

Honorable failure means you attempted honestly to try a new or different way to do things and the attempt failed.
Incompetent failure means you failed because you didn’t put enough effort or action into the attempt at success.

When Thomas Edison tried time and again to invent electricity, he had numerous failures - but when people asked him why he had so many failures before he found a method that worked, he said that he didn’t consider the experiments to be failures – they were simply discoveries of methods which didn’t work.

Keep trying and look forward to those failures – they’re what will eventually point you in the direction of success. Plus, it makes you more of an expert in marketing because you’ll be able to say what works, and what doesn’t.


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Plan for Monetary Success Milestones


Are you waking up every day thinking only about the day you’re able to buy a beach house? 

The smart online entrepreneur plans incessantly for monetary milestones in their businesses.

They get excited about smaller income, and they don’t just wait for the tsunami of cash to hit their bank account. You’ve seen those who simply slap something online, hoping to make some instant money – and they might make some nice spending money.

But it’s short lived and when you think about the time (and possibly money) spent on the online “money maker,” it may not have been worth the effort. Planning for monetary success makes much more sense and is well worth the effort.

Spend some time planning price points needed to reach your goals and then figure out how you’re going to get there, For example, outsourcing or running affiliate contests might help boost your bottom line.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t overspend to get the success you want and need. For example, you can plan to sell during the holidays by planning months in advance. Gather the content you need for your big launch by purchasing PLR, outsourcing to writers or writing and editing it yourself.

If you’re unsure what to do and how to plan, look at what others have done. And, there’s a lot of online assistance, which will help you plan - and tools to help you create a timeline.

After gathering the content you’ll need, it’s time to seek out affiliates who may also promote your product launch. Even though you’ll be sharing the profits, it’s a great way to go over the top with monetary success and gain another audience and some great support.

Plan a launch date and stick to it. There’s nothing worse than your followers looking forward to the product and having to push the date. Your affiliates will be let down and it will be difficult to get them to promote you again.

Don’t forget details! Make sure the details of your promotion are planned precisely and accurately so that you don’t have glitches on the launch date – or refunds to deal with because something isn’t working correctly or isn’t exactly as you promoted it to be.

Try to assess the value of the launch. What will it mean to you – monetarily? Consider the investment you’re making, what you’re likely to receive from affiliates who promote for you (this can be a good estimate as you get to know your affiliates and how much they can bring in for you).

Plan events to promote your product and yourself and then make it happen. Podcasts, videos and social media are all good ways to brand yourself and let your future followers know what you’re all about and what you have to offer.

Your monetary milestones can only increase if you plan ahead, pay attention to details and foster a relationship with other marketers. Celebrate the small successes and then work on building momentum so that your income soars over time.


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Know the Difference Between 'Gut Instinct' and 'Fear'

Fear is normal. As an entrepreneur, you may sometimes fear taking a chance on a certain business model – so much time and effort expended – and what if it doesn’t do well?

But, your gut instinct tells you it’s the right thing to do, so you have to work through the fear. The fastest and most effective way to do that is to take immediate action. Your gut instinct (also known as intuition) rarely leads you down the wrong path – and you can learn to hone your intuition so that you really listen when it’s trying to tell you something.

Sometimes your fear can get the best of you and hold you back, even though you’ve prepared, researched and are ready to embark on a new and different way of doing things.

Your instinct tells you that you’ve done everything you can to make the project a success, but there’s that little kernel of fear holding you back. Fear may be based on false evidence, such as someone telling you that your idea won’t work, fear of criticism after your idea is launched or a fear of failing and having to start all over again.

It’s important that you analyze whether your fears are realor not – and learn how to tell the difference between real fear and a gut instinct. When you’re confused about whether you’re feeling fear or intuition, think about the reality of the situation.

Do your feelings consist of the “fight or flight” sensation that includes a rush of adrenaline, pounding heart and sweating – or, is it your mind doing a number on your emotions?

Running and hiding from your feelings won’t do a thing for your emotions or your future success. After all, you’re not running from a bear in the woods – what you’re feeling is likely a lack of confidence in yourself that you’re doing the right thing.

If your intuition is guiding you forward, it’s best to heed the “advice” and gather up the strength to face and deal with any negative occurrence that might happen.
It’s easy to mistake fear for a gut instinct.

Sometimes the symptoms are the same. When you’re faced with false evidence, which appears real to you, you can make the mistake of ignoring your gut instinct and going along with the negative thoughts of fear and failure.

Remember these three things next time you’re faced with wondering whether your feelings are a gut instinct or rational fear:

1. A fear is often irrational and emotionally draining.

2. A reliable gut instinct conveys information unemotionally and rationally.

3. Gut instincts rely on facts – fear is irrational and involves self-doubt.

When you suspect that a feeling is an irrational fear rather than a gut instinct, try to transform the fear into a rational thought process by taking action. There’s also a saying you might want to keep handy whenever you’re faced with fear.

“Do it afraid – courage will come later.”

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Forget You Ever Heard the Phrase “Shiny New Object Syndrome”

As a marketer struggling with finding success, you might look for excuses as to why you haven’t found your footing. It’s human nature not to want to accept blame for your failures.

One way we do this is by claiming it’s not our fault! It’s that dreaded Shiny New Object Syndrome that’s done it to us. We’ve been busy buying and buying, without every implementing.

Because to admit that you followed through, implemented and still failed – well, that’s a bit humiliating (even though all successful entrepreneurs have done just that).
Shiny New Object Syndrome is real, but it’s an excuse crutch that you use to excuse away your lack of success.

Shiny New Object Syndrome is a malady that makes you attracted to objects that are glittery and gleaming – something like seeing a light in your peripheral vision and turning toward it.

When you see that it’s only a reflection or a shiny penny – not worth much - you’ll turn back to concentrate on your previous goal. It’s a phrase that’s actually given marketers a way to get out of following through on their implementation plans.

Chances are, if you’d never heard that phrase, you might not be participating in it! It’s especially prevalent in Internet marketers to look for the shiny new objects because there’s an atmosphere of desperation in this niche.

That means they’re always looking to find a quick and easy way to make more money, get their brand out there faster and go into the back door of success rather than using tried and true methods from start to finish.

The commitment to your current plan of action is abandoned (at least for awhile) and you’re off to the land of hype and empty promises – where you’re almost certain to crash and burn – leaving all of your goals and good intentions behind.

If you’ve used this catch phrase as your excuse for failure in the past – or are doing it now – keep in mind that the product (shiny new object) will be around for a long time to come (unless it’s a scam or fad) and it’s best to follow through with your current commitment rather than get off track and lose momentum now.

You’re not alone if you suffer from “SOS.”
You can overcome it if you take some steps to prevent the distractions. There are some simple, but important steps you can use to bypass the scary SOS malady.

Make a decision. What are you going to focus on?
You can’t really go to the next step until you decide which direction you’re moving with your business. A good business plan can be written and implemented after you’ve done the research needed to formulate the idea into something solid.

If the reason you keep buying new things is because you never sit down and think things through, then you’re wasting time. Would you allow an employee to fly by the seat of their pants in your business – or would you prefer they have insight into how something will pan out?

Make a commitment. Unless you commit wholeheartedly to the decision you’ve made you may as well stop right now. Without commitment, the SOS will take over your best laid plans and demolish any chance you have of being a true online business success.

Begin your implementation. You can’t finish anything until you take a beginning step toward success. Trust in yourself that you’ve hatched a great plan or idea and begin the outline, setting goals, creating a budget and all the dozens of things that need to be done to make it a success.

Don’t stop. Don’t get caught up in the SOS or anything else that works as a distraction. Keep going until you meet one goal after another. You may have to go to Step 1 a few times before you can keep going without being tempted to stop and rethink or go to something new. 

When you reach the finish line of success, you’ll realize you’ve also kicked the habit of crying, “I suffer from Shiny New Object Syndrome!”

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You Can’t Sell Based on What People Say They Want

How many times have you heard people talk about sales copy and swear they can’t stand hyped up sales pages?
Problem is, it’s those very pages that convert the highest – so someone’s either lying or unaware that deep down, hype is what makes them eager to buy.

The word hype is often thought to be derogatory and false, but there’s a difference between hype and lies.
Hype can sell an idea and fire people up to buy – whereas lies only hurt you in the long run and turn people off forever.

So, the middle road is to offer a great deal
, make it worth their while and make them pleased with the end results. People may say they don’t purchase from hyped up sales copy, but statistics show that’s not true.

Most people are drawn to online sales copy because it represents a dream or a vision they have and they end up willing to take a chance on the product – if it’s presented properly.

Hype can be something or some way that you do things.
It’s either specifically a type of promotion or a way of promoting things with an exaggerated method. This is typical of what online entrepreneurs attempt to do when promoting products.

The thing to be careful about is that we’re not promoting blatant lies. It’s okay to grab an audience’s attention with bold and colourful prose as long as it doesn’t lead them to pay hard earned money for a product that’s not worth the time and effort that it took to write the hype.

People may say they don’t want to read through hype in a sales letter, but statistics show that most people buy based on information they received through the promotion – and sales letters in particular.

There are reams of information and research which show that consumers want to be coaxed into making good decisions by reading, listening to or viewing data that can make a difference in their future success, personal goals or in some way, transform them into the person they want to be.

Hype shouldn’t be about lies or misinformation, but should reflect the true value within the product you’re selling. Presenting it in a sales letter designed to attract and convince the audience to purchase is a tried and proven way to boost your sales and gain an audience you can depend on to purchase more from your site.

If in doubt, take a look at how the honest and successful online gurus promote their products. Chances are, you’ll find some sales copy which could be considered hype by some. 

Look at the 'value offered' and decide for yourself.

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Field Some Experts to Boost Your Authority

Some people get so scared of sharing the spotlight that they insulate themselves from greatness. You feel like sharing the stage with a competitor makes you look weak, like you’re not the only person who knows everything about the niche topic.

When you bring in experts to boost your authority in your niche, you won’t lose customers, but gain them - because it’s establishing you as a viable force in your niche – someone who is rubbing elbows with other experts.

It also shows you’re expanding your knowledge of your particular topic. But more than anything, bringing in experts from other similar niches can bring in future sales conversions.

Think of it as introducing yourself and your product to a whole different audience and bringing them into the fold. Because that other expert’s audience will be looking at your shared content, too, and that will be their first discovery of you.

There are ways to make yourself attractive to other experts and get them to want to work with you. Offer gifts. It may sound like bribery, but other marketers are always looking for informative and valuable gifts in the form of free bonuses, free advertisement of their product, mentions on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and interviews or podcasts to promote their sites.

Establish your profile on social media sites and forums.
Set up pages and profiles and then post content that can be useful to other marketers in similar niches. There are free, downloadable apps that can help you with this type of venture.

Arrange online interviews. Nothing attracts an online audience like online interviews with marketers well established in the business. You both profit from the interview process because you’re reaching people you might not hear from otherwise.

Make sure you have fresh, sharable content. No one wants to partner with a dull and boring marketer whose content is out of date or poorly written. Make sure your content is informative and up to date so that others will want to share.

Offer to review their products. Marketers welcome reviews of their products and will often happily review yours in return. Only post a review of the product if you truly believe in it and like it. Otherwise, choose another product or marketer.

Follow and engage other experts. Make sure you follow other marketers who have products similar to yours on all social media sites. It takes some time and effort, but the payoff will be that these other marketers will get to know you – especially if you engage in conversations or remarks on their sites.

The payoff for fielding experts in your niche can be huge. Besides boosting your authority in a particular niche, you’ll also be reaching audiences you may never have reached without the added expertise.

In the beginning, it may be intimidating to approach another (especially well established) marketer, but as you begin to establish your own presence, you’ll find that you’re also being sought out. Make the most of every opportunity.


Get your 'Fast Track Guide To Following Through and Staying Motivated'
The Free PDF is Here!

Other - Really 'Helpful' PDF's can be found - HERE!